Tennessee Legislature’s Website Takes Top Award at NCSL Summit

Online Democracy Award Recognizes Superior Legislative Website Seattle—The Tennessee General Assembly’s website—http://capitol.tn.gov/— took home the 2015 Online Democracy Award for having a superior legislative website this week during the National [...]

Lt. Governor Ramsey appoints three to Common Core repeal committee

Lt. Governor Ramsey appoints three to Common Core repeal committee (July 29, 2015, NASHVILLE)  – Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey (R-Blountville) today announced the appointment of conservative activist Dr. Shirley Curry, educator Darcie Finch and Kingsport [...]

Statement on GOP majority on the Tennessee Supreme Court

While some may wish to revise history, the truth is that politics have always been involved in the judicial branch of government. Whether through elections or appointments, Democrats have controlled the judiciary since Reconstruction. This became cle [...]

Statement on retirement of Justice Gary Wade

Congratulations to Justice Gary Wade, a good friend and a formidable opponent, on his retirement from the bench. I look forward to this historic opportunity to give Tennessee its first ever Republican Supreme Court majority. [...]

Statement on Chattanooga shooting

A tragic and disturbing loss of life in Chattanooga today. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families affected in this horrific attack against those who proudly serve our country. I am grateful to the first responders who worked quic [...]

State Building Commission gives green light to construction of ETSU Performing Arts Center

State Building Commission gives green light to construction of ETSU Performing Arts Center Lt. Governor Ramsey chairs meeting, grateful to be involved in the project (July 9, 2015, NASHVILLE) -- The Tennessee State Building Commission today officia [...]

The Spirit of Independence Day

Independence Day is a day to cherish. While it is fun and relaxing to grill out and shoot fireworks, it is important to remember that July 4 is not just a date on a calendar. It is a day to remember how we gained our independence. It is a day to reme [...]

Statement on appointment of Jim Henry as Haslam Chief of Staff

Jim Henry will do an outstanding job as Governor Haslam's chief of staff. Jim has been a positive force in state government for many years. I look forward to working with him once again in this new role. An excellent choice. [...]

Statement on Obama visit to Nashville

This visit can only serve to draw Tennessee's focus on the overwhelming need for a new president. The band-aid the Supreme Court placed on Obamacare last week will not hold. The wound is too deep and the damage too extensive. This nation desperate [...]

Statement on U.S. Supreme Court decision on gay marriage

The Supreme Court today issued an unfortunate and fundamentally wrong opinion. In 2006, not even a decade ago, over 80% of Tennessee voters issued a strong mandate in favor of traditional marriage. Today, the Supreme Court declared that mandate nul [...]

Statement on Obamacare decision

The Supreme Court today provided mere short-term relief to a long-term problem. While the Supreme Court decision will not result in millions losing their health coverage immediately, it is clear to everyone that deep and fundamental flaws in the law [...]

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