• The Tennessee Way

    Below are remarks given by Lt. Governor Ramsey upon being elected Speaker of the Senate for a fifth time. First, as always, I must give my thanks to God. Everything I am and everything I have achieved is possible only through Him. I make a conscious effort every day to remember that truth. Thank you [...]

  • Merry Christmas from my family to yours

    Christmas time affords us many opportunities. As the season of giving, Christmas allows us an occasion to show our appreciation for each other through the exchange of gifts. For me, my favorite gift is not something that can be wrapped and placed under a tree. It is time spent with family, both immediate and extended. [...]

  • LETTER: Honor their sacrifice

    We are blessed to live in an outstanding state in an outstanding country. Despite a presidential administration whose actions consistently instill a sense of uneasiness about the future, we still live in the freest nation in the history of the world. Only when men and women in uniform make sacrifices and take risks are our [...]

  • Lt. Governor Ramsey on selection of Tennessee’s first GOP attorney general

    As the first Republican attorney general since Reconstruction, Herbert Slatery will be a strong advocate for the people of Tennessee and a vigilant defender of Tennessee’s conservative reforms. Herbert has served our governor well as chief counsel and I have no doubt that his strong work will continue as he gains over 6 million new [...]

  • Column: Boldness in education policy is only option

    When I first arrived in the state Senate in 1996, Republicans were in the minority. That fact didn’t bother me in the least. I’ve embraced challenges all my life. So when I got to the Senate, my primary goal was to build a conservative majority in the state Senate. The guardians of the status quo [...]

Lt . Governor Ramsey re-elected Speaker of the Senate

The State Senate re-elected Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey today as Tennessee’s 33 senators met at noon on the first organizational day of the 109th General Assembly. This will be Ramsey’s fifth two-year term as Tennessee’s Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the Senate. “Thank you for placing your trust in me,” Ramsey told senators and onlookers [...]

STATEMENT: President Obama comes to Nashville

Barack Obama plans to stop in Nashville tomorrow to sell his unconstitutional plan to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants because Nashville is a welcoming city. Indeed, Nashville is a welcoming city and Tennessee is a welcoming state. We embrace with open arms immigrants from across the globe and encourage our thriving immigrant communities. But Tennessee [...]

Giving Thanks

Today, I am grateful for many things. As I scroll through the news on the internet and read reports of unrest both here and abroad, I am thankful that my family lives in an amazing state like Tennessee. My appreciation is not just that our state government is efficiently run and our budget balanced. It [...]

STATEMENT: Lt. Governor Ramsey on amnesty executive order

16 days after his party lost a vote of confidence at the ballot box, Barack Obama has announced that he will take unilateral and unconstitutional action contrary to the clear policy preferences of most American citizens. Amnesty, no matter how you dress it up or justify it, is wrong. It undermines the rule of law [...]

STATEMENT: Lt. Governor Ramsey on 6th Circuit gay marriage decision

Eight years ago, Tennessee voters went to the polls and voted overwhelmingly for a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Today’s ruling by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals explicitly affirms our state’s right to define marriage. This is a victory for states’ rights and traditionalism in [...]

Thoughts on an expanded supermajority

A great night for Republicans and the cause of conservatism in Tennessee. For the past few years, the Tennessee Senate has been the most Republican east of the Mississippi. After tonight, we join a elite group of Republican supermajorities where the majority outnumbers Democrats more than 4 to 1. These results are decisive proof that, [...]

Lt. Governor Ramsey wins national award for unemployment reforms

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey (R-Blountville) today received the UWC UI Integrity Award for his work on the issue of unemployment insurance reform. The award was presented at the National Foundation for Unemployment Compensation and Workers’ Compensation 33rd Annual National UI Issues conference in Savannah, Georgia. “I am extremely grateful to receive this award from such [...]

LETTER: Moving Tennessee Forward

This past week marked an end to the 108th General Assembly and the conclusion of four years of unified Republican government. I often say that it matters who governs. Over these past four years, Governor Haslam, Speaker Harwell and I, along with our members in the Senate and House, proved this beyond a shadow of [...]

COLUMN: Letting the people vote

After over seven years of struggle, a wine-in-grocery stores bill finally passed both houses of the General Assembly and bears the governor’s signature. It is a great step forward. For the first time, citizens will have the opportunity to choose whether wine may be purchased in grocery stores in their community. Tennessee is moving forward [...]

STATEMENT: Lt. Governor Ramsey on final approval of wine-in-grocery stores

After years of hard work, I’m proud to see this issue finally settled in the legislature. This bill is a solid compromise that allows for the expansion of consumer choice while protecting small businesses that took risks and invested capital under the old system. This bill puts the issue where it belongs: in the hands [...]

Lt. Governor Ramsey named to RLGA executive committee

Today the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC), on behalf of the Republican Lieutenant Governors Association (RLGA), announced Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey (R-Blountville) as a member of the 2014 RLGA Executive Committee. “During my time as lieutenant governor in Tennessee, we have reformed education, increased economic growth and cut taxes,” stated Lt. Governor Ramsey. “I look [...]