Letter: Honoring our veterans

Today, almost a week after we concluded a national election of historic significance, we pause to recognize our nation’s veterans. While many remain focused on the division the election results emphasized, I’m glad we have this day to reflect on something on which we can all agree. 

Whether you voted for President Obama, Mitt Romney or someone else, this much is clear: our veterans must never be forgotten.

The bulk of American forces may be gone from Iraq and leaving Afghanistan but recent events in Benghazi and elsewhere have made it crystal clear that Americans are only truly safe at home and around the world when our military is strong and fulling engaged.

Only when men and women in uniform make sacrifices and take risks are our freedoms truly protected. The right to vote that so many of us exercised last week may be guaranteed by our constitution but it is secured ultimately by our armed men and women. These men and women give up time with their family and risk their lives to stand between us and those who want to take our rights away. We must never forget that.

To anyone who has served in any branch of our armed forces, thank you for your sacrifice and your service. To everyone else, take time today to seek out those in your life who have served, thank them and try, as much as you can, to live your life as a daily tribute to their sacrifice.

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